Permanet Staffing

Permanent staffing

is a practice of offering organizations or industries their required applicants for long-term employment based on the applicant’s qualifications.

Our permanent staffing services pick up the best-fit candidate based on cultural resonance, job description, salary, and experience this skilled pool of befitting candidates adds value to the company’s prestige and credibility, not to mention productivity. 


Our Staffing Process

Understanding The Staffing Needs Of An Organization

Understanding our client’s requirements is our top priority before moving further on other recruiting procedures. We ensure adequate time to understand your business, background, long and short-term goals, and company culture.

To get a better understanding of the work environment, we also visit the workplace of our clients. This helps us assimilate the qualities you’re looking for in an ideal candidate.

Getting Information From The Client

We arrange meetings with our potential clients where we discuss the requirements their organization is seeking in a particular candidate, like skills, qualification, experience, age, etc.

At this point, terms and conditions are also confirmed if not already in place.

Sourcing Based On Job Criteria

Based on the information we collect from the prior consultation, we prepare a list of candidates to be further screened. We gather a list of professionals according to the company that needs to pick out the best among the rest.

Candidate Screening

After making a comprehensive list of eligible candidates, we begin with the screening using our abundant database, reaching networks, and online resources. We do not look for a candidate that only checks the practical requirement list like projects specialization, stability, and technical stack and screens for the best motivational and cultural fit for your workplace environment.

Candidate Interview By Our Folks

The shortlisted candidates are then invited for an interview process. Our consultants meet the listed candidates directly to discuss the job description and role, considering their skill set, experience, language proficiency, and interest in the available position. The candidates who meet the criteria are submitted to the company.

Arranging Candidate Interviews with Companies

After the thorough screening process, we recommend our shortlisted candidates to the company to be interviewed. We arrange in-house interviews by serving as a direct liaison.

Interview Follow-Ups

 After arranging direct interviews with the organizations, we follow up on the progress to ensure everything is going smoothly and in the right direction.

HR Coordination

After the company has selected the candidate, we coordinate with the HR department to issue an offer release and discuss the points added to it with them.

Candidate Follow-Up

We make sure to take regular follow-ups from the selected candidates to make sure the onboarding process goes without an issue.

Aftercare Services

Our work does not end with introducing the ideal candidate to the company; we continue to provide aftercare service.

Our consultants maintain regular contact with both the candidate and the client following the placement. We ensure both parties maintain a good relationship, which is the key to satisfying work experience.

How does permanent staffing add value to your business?

Hiring candidates for organizations is not an overnight process. The painstaking task of listing the eligible candidates, interviewing them, screen thoroughly will take your precious time from your regular business obligations.

We make sure to perform the screening procedure rigorously so that we can provide you best of the employees.

Any company’s productivity depends upon the proficiency of the employees, and therefore the right candidates can take your business to the high you will ever expect.

Effective hiring entails more than simply selecting the most suitable candidate for the position. A streamlined and efficient hiring process can cut expenses, boost a company’s reputation with customers and job seekers, and ensure the organization finds, engages, and hires the best talent.

You can trust our skilled recruiters to assist you in filling vacant positions or enhance team strength for new projects by finding the ideal candidates for you.

We are committed to finding our clients the ideal work matching. With us as your source of permanent staffing solutions, you can be confident that you’ll get the best employees who are committed to hard work and remain devoted to you.

Premanet Staffing FAQs

What is Permanent Staffing?

The process of providing organizations with ideal candidates for long-term employment based on their candidate requirements is known as permanent staffing. A permanent staffing agency gathers the candidates who are most qualified based on factors like pay, cultural fit, experience, and job description.

What is Contract Staffing?

 Unlike full-time permanent employees, contractual staffing involves hiring workers for brief service contracts. Contractual staffing has increasingly gained popularity since it provides both employees and employers with a number of advantages and more recruiting flexibility.

Do Permanent Staffing agencies really work?

You can save time and money by using a staffing agency to recruit skilled workers. A staffing agency serves as a liaison between businesses and job seekers, assisting in matching competent applicants with organizations with openings.