Industires We Support

HARF IT is an incredibly experienced team in providing top-notch IT services to many businesses and industries. Our expert staff leverages industry-specific knowledge to provide our clients with a high level of personalized services that eliminates downtime, enhance productivity and level the field against the giants in the market. 


The exponential expansion of online commerce transactions in both Business-to-business and Business-to-commerce sales is proof of greatly flourishing e-commerce industry. Without incorporating technological advancements, no company can earn market share and revenue.

We work with e-commerce organizations and supply experienced and proficient staff to maintain a creative web platform, data integration, supply chain systems implementation and powerful analytics.


Our hired staff offers a market-approved framework and virtualized components to help you transition while reducing optimization and time-to-market costs. If you want to be named as a next-gen telecom network, contact us now.

Our expert team will identify the right person in terms of Edge Computing, 5G, Cloudification, IoT, SDN/NFV and AI machine learning resources .

Network Infrastructure

We believe in using an integrative and consultative approach to use technology to build the perfect network infrastructure aligned completely with your business objectives.

Our hired network infrastructure experts offer you to build secure network infrastructure services, which include the development of SDN applications and controllers, NFVi development, VNF development, integration and validation, interoperability testing, protocol development and wireless network infrastructure support.


HARF IT services work with automotive industries to provide top-notch SMAC++ experts to reduce their technological and operational costs and also help in launching new products in less time.

Our hired offer, fleet tracking, ensuring vehicle availability and managing operational costs, demand-based plan daily, provides directions to drivers using GPS, tracking inventory right from the source to the delivery point, real-time order tracking and reprioritizing delivery schedule and assisted selling using smartphones.

Aerospace / Aviation

The key to success for Airline businesses is the high standard of customer experience.

This can be achieved using improved e-commerce strategies, actionable analytics, robust operational systems and social media engagements.

HARF IT offers you expert staff, for all of the above-mentioned solutions based on technological pillars of social computing, cloud computing, mobility, analytics, etc.

Banking & Financial Services

The cumbersome banking and financial solutions are a thing of the past. The advent of new technology has brought a drastic paradigm shift to banking operations. Many companies have come up with a modernized approach to financial management and banks have now adapted this technological touch to this sector.

Harf IT team having good understanding on the Banking and Financial sector. we know how the banking and financial industries operates the business . our team will help you on identifying the right experts related these sector.

Insurance Services 

HARF IT offers a full web platform to support all the insurance company operations seamlessly, allowing them to replace old age systems and integrate new technologies.  

At HARF IT, we have perfected managed IT services for insurance companies. So, whether you need the implementation of advanced software like Surefire, HawkSoft and Adaptik or need help with the application of essential software like Microsoft 365.


Gone are the days when traditional methods of ‘produce than consume’ supply methods were used. These outdated methods are now replaced with scalable, reactive and flexible models that respond to each customer’s individual needs.

Our expert-hired staff at HARF IT help companies cash on this digitization and devise a manufacturing model accordingly. This increases the business defense, improves customer experience and advances analytics to help companies analyze their data properly.


HARF IT is the most credible when it comes to providing experts in semiconductor services.

The reason why our clients vouch for us is that we provide the best in the game semiconductor experts who work closely with many integrated device manufacturers (IDMs), semiconductor companies, original equipment manufacturers, fabless, engineering design automation (EDA), play foundries and IP vendors to accelerate the products to the market.

Media & Entertainment

The media companies have actively adapted to the various forms of digital OTT content. It won’t be wrong to say that this change is occurring at a breakneck speed and the companies that lag have no future. Current media leaders must consider the opportunities coming their way to reorganize the value creation and old norms of this industry.

HARF IT is there to help them in this regard. Our proficient hired staff will help your organization come over the challenges that you encounter while transitioning to digital methods.


Education and technology go hand in hand; therefore, learners need to take in digital mediums such as mobile, Cloud, and social to fulfil their educational needs.

HARF IT offers educational institutions complete IT staff solutions to offer you every IT-related solution like application designs, App development, IT infrastructure support and business process outsourcing.


Today, healthcare systems need to create fertile grounds to devise efficient digital models.

HARF IT’s proficient hired staff offers robust, scalable, collaborative and efficient digital healthcare infrastructure. Today, healthcare systems need to create fertile grounds to devise efficient digital models; HARF IT hired employees to help achieve it.