We match your potential and career objectives with India’s leading companies so that your career will reach the heights it deserves.

Services We Offer


Permanent Staffing

Dedicated and quality permanent staff is the key to success for any organization. Permanent staffing is now one of the most important components of the human resource strategy.



Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is also HARF’s one of the main capabilities.
Our team has vast RPO experience; we work alongside for acquiring best talent and retaining the most suitable people.


HARF not only solves clients’ recruitment issues but also offers recruiting and on-boarding trainings and workshops designed and modulated especially as per organizational needs.

Modern Analytics Platform

Our services will help to modernize data analytics with the latest technologies like the cloud,
artificial intelligence,
and machine learning to help streamline the business insights
for any organization
from the data within a reasonable cost. 


They say a picture is worth a thousand words and rightly so.
So, why waste time flipping through pages when use our well-designed visual solutions
to enable yourself to explore the business data easily.
We connect business processes with tools providing you with a powerful information-rich experience.

Quality Data

Business management can be challenging when there is uncertainty in the business data.
Data quality manifests in the business definitions, metric formulation, reporting, and reconciliation.
HARF IT can assist in reinforcing quality across data governance and master data management.

Support and Maintenance

Organizations face a challenge in allocating resources, time, and skills because their IT team has constraints.
HARF IT has the proficiency to handle the burden.
Our team offers support and maintenance services for data and analytics solutions.
This includes blended offshore/onshore teams, SLAs, fractional support, etc.

Managed Services

Our services can greatly lighten the workload of in-house teams and supplement teams that are somehow unable to reach the demands; we also replace the in-house teams when needed.

Data Analytics

HARF can help to provide the one-stop solution to all the organizational data and analytics tasks.
Our data and analytics services will help to navigate through the organizational goals.

With our top-notch delivery system and established resources, we make sure to meet your unique requests and deliver you the best from the rest.