Technologies We Support

Every industry has its own set of challenges regarding its technological needs. HARF IT team analyzes and provides solutions that help you overcome your personalized industry technological challenges. 

We develop comprehensive IT solutions to help you accelerate growth and streamline processes. Whether you’re an established firm or a new start-up, HARF IT can help you transform your business with the latest technologies.


The demand for embedded systems is already huge and is expected to grow more as the IoT revolution accelerates.

We at HARF IT have a deep understanding of this embedded system, it’s an combination of hardware, software and operating systems and how they do get integrated to complement each other.
We can help you exploit its potential. We are efficient in finding achievable and innovative solutions to your unique problems.


We at HARF IT can help you hire a workforce that is proficient in devising product hardware configuration (both VLSI and PCB).

We can acquire a multi-disciplinary engineering team for you to provide you with the best-embedded hardware that would add substantial value to your product. Our hired experts can efficiently transform your product ideas into System on Chip (SoC) and ASIC.


No business can deny that Microsoft products are the heart of businesses if they want their company to be listed as reliable and credible.
Therefore we can help you gather a team of professionals whose expertise in Microsoft products and solutions stands head and shoulders above all others so that we can proudly say that we have far-reaching expertise in delivering Microsoft solutions to meet the needs of your business, be it commercial or public, large or small.


DevOps is a methodology that assists in the development of software by automating the process, thus making it faster and more accurate. DevOps tools automate the software development process like conflict management deployment, dependency management, etc.

Our hired DevOps expert team can manage the relationship between development and operations to make sure everything runs smoothly throughout the entire software development process- from designing to devising infrastructure to production and launching the finished product.


HARF IT recognizes the importance of Cloud computing and therefore helps you to adopt this highly advanced part of digitization.
We partner with leading talent who are efficient in understanding technologies like Microsoft Azure and offer the best of best Cloud integration services in the Indian market. We can help you acquire an expert hired team consist certified cloud computing engineers and designers to design, build, migrate and manage workloads and applications.

Our hired team initially assesses customers’ needs in the Cloud department and then works on it to offer the best Cloud integration.


By making the best use of IoT (internet of things) and connected devices like Artificial intelligence of things (IoT), enterprise mobility and machine learning, we assist our clients in transforming their businesses and exploring vast opportunities by hiring the best staff in IoT sector.

With the combined power of connected technologies and IoT, Our hired team can make way for the communication of multiple devices while interacting with each of them centrally.


HARF IT can assist you in hiring the best staff in the mobility field who can help you with a range of mobility services, including management and monitoring of users, application development, app content and data retrieval from a centralized console.


HARF IT can help you find employees who can efficiently carry out software testing services for enterprises and ISVs and offer cutting-edge end-to-end application testing solutions, niche testing needs on the latest tools and QA strategies. We make sure we deliver quality testing staff.

Java & Open Source

Java is one of the popular programming languages used by millions of developers worldwide to create powerful applications. Java powers more than half of the best-known applications and the primary reason one should use it is to orchestrate the future of their businesses. 


ERP is business management software that helps in integrating all the data on business processes and resources, for example, purchasing, planning, manufacturing, marketing, sales, delivery of human resources and finance, etc.

We can help you hire an ERP development team which includes ERP Consultant, Technical Functional, Techno Functional Consultants, QA developers, IT consultants, etc. Our hired experts analyze your company’s information, hold meetings with non-technical and technical staff and prepare a comprehensive document on project implementation.


An effective CRM system helps enterprises stay connected to their customers and streamlines the processes.

CRM services are directed to automate sales, marketing and customer services. Our hired CRM staff can cover CRM consultation, testing, implementation, support and more.

HARF IT has successfully been helping businesses in staffing talented individuals who can help in building reliable CRM solutions to reduce their costs of sales, marketing and customer services.

Data Science

HARF IT help our clients extract actionable business insights from their collected data to help them understand their audience better, reduce risks, forecast demands, prevent cost overruns, and much more.
Our hired data science staff helps companies create customized statistical models, leverage advanced IoT analytics and operations and deploy and generate valuable insights in no time.
Our data science services help companies create customized statistical models, leverage advanced IoT analytics and operations and deploy and generate valuable insights in no time.

Big Data

HARF IT helps companies to conceptualize and eventually implement a well-managed big data program across multiple focus areas and domains. We offer impeccable big data efficient staff to enable companies to find the best approach to collecting data and connecting it, generate actionable insights by connecting the dots across data silos and manage and maintain big data services with accuracy.