A Brief Guide On Permanent Staffing

We believe that starting a new business or expanding an existing one is a real challenge. You need to do a lot of research, plan different strategies, prepare backups and set up a budget before you can turn your imagination into reality.

However, one of the most difficult tasks during the whole process is hiring your employees. Of course, you need qualified, sincere, and hardworking employees who can help you grow your business. In the past, business owners used to hire their own staff. Nowadays, different staffing agencies offer permanent staffing services that help owners save time and hire the most qualified people for their businesses.

What is permanent staffing?

Permanent staffing is the one-stop solution for businesses to easily find the best employees for long-term employment. It is a process where the company hires a staffing agency and communicates its requirements for the candidates.

Depending on the company’s requirements in terms of salary, cultural resonance, job description, and experience, the service provider suggests the most suitable candidates. So, if you are also looking for a staffing agency in Bangalore but are worried about how it works, here is a brief guide for you which every permanent staffing agency in Bangalore implies.


  1. Consultation with the client’s company
    First, the service provider visits or calls the client company to understand on the requirement, will analyze the position, role, responsibilities and will make a note of all the points based on that we will make a checklist for mandatory and good to have skills for fulfilling the position. Moreover, during this interview, the agency also discusses the terms and conditions to avoid any ambiguity.


  1. Screening and preparation of a list of candidates.
    The recruiter already has an extensive database of applicants from which they select suitable candidates depending on the company’s requirements. Recruiter will screen the profile based on the job criteria, skills, experience and also he will check the stability of the candidate and will pick the right resume. who perfectly fit your requirements.


  1. Interview with the consultant
    After the screening, recruiter will talk to the consultant based on the job criteria, he will find out his interest level, he will analyze his communication skills, experience, technologies he/she  used, his /her approach, attitude and fitment for the role and also cultural fitment based on these parameters we will shortlist the resume and will submit to the client for review.


  1. Arrange interviews
    Now the company receives a list of candidates who are a perfect fit for the vacant position. Based on the resume shortlist we will schedule telephonic/Video call to the candidates with the technical folks.


  1. Feedback on the interviews, signing, and negotiating contracts.
    The consultant’s work does not end with the placement of suitable candidates for the relevant positions. He assists both the hiring company and the candidates by giving his feedback on hiring the candidate or helping the candidate in negotiating terms and conditions such as annual salary, working conditions, and starting date.


  1. Hiring the candidate
    After the agreement between the client and the candidate, the hiring decision is sealed by signing a contract.


  1. Follow-up of the recruitment- POFU
    The recruiter’s work does not end here but will continue to keep in touch with the client and the applicant to ensure that they maintain a good relationship and have a successful work experience over a long period.


Final words

We live in a digital world where every second counts. Now you don’t have to spend hours on hundreds of interviews. With the help of consulting companies, you can get a shortlist of the best candidates. All you need to do is hire the one who you think perfectly fits your requirements.

If you want to make your search easier, let Harf IT help you where to find the best employees for your company.