Is Permanent Staffing A Great Solution To Achieve Business Goals?

Did you know that hiring the right staff/employee is the most crucial step in starting a new business? Only a right, qualified and skilled person can help you achieve your business goals. However, deciding between job descriptions, number of employees, and job positions, you also need to decide whether you want permanent or temporary staff.

Usually, some companies in India or even globally opt for temporary staff. For example, they hire a person in a good position but only for a year or two. This is called temporary staffing, which is not conducive to the success of your business, especially when you are running a small business.

Although permanent staffing staff is suitable in many ways, especially when it comes to budgeting. However,. Let’s take a look at how permanent staffing is helpful for your business.

Benefits of Permanent Staffing

Below are some main reasons why you should choose permanent staffing.

Full time job makes them proud

Permanent employees know their value and position in your company, which makes them proud to be an essential part of your business. Hiring permanent staff gives your employees job security, and they are satisfied because they are part of a team and work in a pleasant environment.


Less hourly wages

When budgeting, many people think of hiring temporary employees because they don’t have to provide them with additional benefits such as medical coverage, insurance, etc. However, temporary workers are expensive compared to permanent employees.

Both work around 40 to 50 hours per week, but if we calculate their hourly wage, temporary workers charge more than permanent workers. In this case, hiring temporary workers is not a good decision.


Reliable and trustworthy

Running a business isn’t an easy task, you have tons of work piled up. However, if your employees are old, and experienced you can share some of your work with them. You can blindly assign tasks to your permanent staff, allowing you to get the work that is most important to you done correctly in the shortest possible time. This reduces your overhead, as you don’t have to train your new employees constantly.


Build a strong customer relationship

Every employee works differently, depending on their skills and talents. If you have talented employees, but they are temporary, they will not help you make profits for long. You may find someone more talented than them, but the new talent may not deliver the work your customer likes most, which can put your customer off. On the other hand, permanent employees will always help you build a strong relationship with your client.


Strengthen a unified culture

The key to a successful business is to create a vibrant culture and a similar mindset in your company. New employees always need time to adapt to the mentality and behavior of the company and the existing employees. However, permanent employees are compatible with the company’s environment and mindset and always try to promote a unified culture that contributes to the company’s success.


Critical knowledge is retained

Did you know that old or experienced staff is always better than hiring new staff all the time? Your old staff know the work criteria and have critical knowledge about the company, so they work accordingly and deliver productive results. However, the new staff need to be trained without you being able to achieve the desired results



Permanent staff tends to be more productive because they know that the more profit your company makes, the more benefits they will receive. Therefore, they will always try to give 100% so that you can achieve your business goals.

We can’t neglect the talent and productivity of temporary staffing, but when we compare the results, permanent employees turned out more productive than the temporary staff. This might be because temporary staff are already acknowledged that they will only be with the company for a certain period. Also, the company’s profit and loss will not affect their position and salary; this could have affected their productivity.

This is the main reason you should opt for permanent staffing, especially if your company is new because at this stage, you only need sincerity and productivity from your employees.


Experience and training

Hiring temporary staff is cost-efficient but time-consuming. Every time you hire a new employee, you have to train them according to your company’s rules, regulations, and requirements. On the other hand, a permanent employee only needs to be trained once at the beginning of the job.

Moreover, a permanent employee has far more experience with your company than a temporary employee. Since your permanent staff knows all the hurdles in your company, they will always have better ideas for any problem.



No doubt temporary workers are equally talented as permanent ones but when it comes to covering a busy period with irregular shift times, permanent employees show more reliability and flexibility because they care about the company’s success.


Final words

All and all permanent staffing always helps you to plan a better and successful future for your business. With permanent employees you will earn various advantages to achieve your business goals. Moreover, you will get consistency in the results, less costing, and employer’s trust.

Permanent staff is also helpful in building a solid knowledge base and leveraging confidential proprietary information while ensuring continuity in key business activities.

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